Case Study: Pam's Story

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on March 21, 2015

Foot pain from bunions affects over 1 in 3 Australians. Bunions are defined as the swelling and misalignment of the area where your big toe joins your mid-foot.

Fix your bunions naturally. Even if most doctors think surgery is your only option!

Bunions: an all too common podiatry problem. According to Doctors and most podiatrists the only way to fix a bunion is surgery. NOT TRUE! Now there’s a painless natural way that effectively treat and correct your bunions.

I want to introduce you to Pam, a patient with a classic case of bunions.

Pam (aged 65) had moderate bunions bilaterally (the big toe turned inwards), and endured foot pain for years, adjusting her footwear to accommodate the excessive deviation. Pam was referred to us by her sister.


Patient’s goals are part of our medical assessment.

Pam was pleasantly surprised to hear that we could actually straighten the big toe and reduce her bunions without affecting her family commitments, in particular child minding duties.

After establishing Pam’s personal goals, we medically assessed her case during our initial consultation, which included an X-ray. This is Pam’s initial x ray. As you can see below her initial x ray was 25 degrees for her bunion angle. The ideal angle is 12 -15 degrees.


We decided on a course of foot mobilisation podiatry in conjunction with strengthening exercises. I should also mention at this stage Pam was living in the Southerland Shire but as we are the only clinic in NSW that corrects bunions naturally she was happy to catch the ferry over.

Improvement Within a Month

To her credit, Pam was enthusiastic about the appointments and the exercises. We noticed a reduction in her bunions within four weeks of commencing treatment. During that time, Pam commented that she could see her ‘big toe straightening’.

In Pam’s case, the four weeks were the most intense aspect of the treatment, with a reduction in frequency of visits after that.

As we do with all our bunion corrections we sent Pam for a follow up x ray to measure her results. And this is what we got, down to 19 degrees a huge improvement. And what is great is that the best is yet to come!


We have successfully treated thousands of bunions between us at Alternative Foot Solutions and believe that there is a better alternative to surgery or constant pain due to a bunion. We feel the sooner the bunion is treated the better the long term result and we believe this so strongly we’re offering a free assessment of your bunion for the next month this offer is limited to the first 10 patients and for the next month.

So what have you got to lose apart from your bunion so call now on 8966 9300 or You must mention this article at the time of booking to redeem this offer and is restricted to the first 20 bookings.

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