Wear the Shoes You Love without Pain

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on December 10, 2014

Are you a woman that loves to wear nice shoes? Do you find your footwear options are limited? Have you had foot pain and tried orthotics and are frustrated because they only fit into your runners? Make sure you watch this video because I'm going to give you our top tips to being pain-free in the shoes you love.

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Top Tips to Keep You Dancing This Festive Season

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on December 4, 2014

Many of our patients have a hectic festive period coming up; with that comes an outfit that involves heels in some capacity. Functions and parties often involve a lot of standing around, and we are constantly asked about how to avoid pain in heels or even soreness in the lower limb the day after a party.

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Do Your Christmas Shopping in Flats This Year Without Pain

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on November 26, 2014

Every year we all get stressed about the preparations involved in Christmas. These preparations may involve endless shopping and preparation in which people are on their feet more than usual. Sometime this can result in sore feet either at the end of the day or the next morning below are a couple of tips which will help you avoid tender feet this festive period.

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Thongs Without Pain

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on November 24, 2014

Thongs suit the Australian lifestyle perfectly; unfortunately, they aren’t always kind to our feet. We don’t want to talk you out of wearing your favourite pair of thongs, but here are some steps you can talk to protect your feet this summer!

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Top tips to keep you On Your Feet For Melbourne Cup!

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on November 17, 2014

The First Tuesday of the month is coming up and with that usually involves a lunch that will involve heels for many of our Facebook friends and patients at the clinic. Below are some helpful tips to get you through foot pain and concentrate of backing a winner!

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