Foot Pain? We challenge traditional treatments with great results!

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on February 19, 2015

We believe that we can correct the underlying cause of your foot and leg problems without you having to resort to orthotics, compromise on your fashionable footwear choices, or impede your activity. We challenge traditional treatments, and can achieve treatment outcomes that previously required orthotics or, in many cases, even surgery.

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Are You a Parent with Concerns about Your Child’s Feet?

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on January 12, 2015

Children are changing constantly as they prepare the foundation for their adult bodies. As the anchor for those bodies, it is important that a child’s feet develop properly to ensure correct posture, but also to avoid causing pain. An important part of a child’s development is socialising through activity. We are finding that poor lower limb function not only makes children prone to injury, but also affects their activity levels.

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