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Demystifying acupuncture

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on March 29, 2013

Acupuncture has long been treated as mystic Eastern medicine, thought of as without factual proof of effectiveness in modern Western medicine. While acupuncture has come of age—now with valid Western scientific proof as an effective treatment method—old myths still prevail. So let’s dispel of these old wives tales in this article.

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Morton’s neuroma, nerve entrapments and metarasalgia

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on March 3, 2013

Are you experiencing foot pain under the forefoot? Have you stopped wearing heels recently as they hurt too much in the middle section of your foot? Morton’s neuroma and nerve entrapments just might be why. Good news, they are all treatable at Alternative Foot Solutions Podiatry!

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5 tips to stay injury free this New Year

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on February 7, 2013

After the indulgent Christmas period, it's not unusual that a number of us decide to exercise more as part of our new year's resolution. Whilst its admirable the level of enthusiasm that is shown, unfortunately many become podiatry patients because they try to exercise too much too quickly and incur foot pain. This blog aims to guide you back to fitness, but safely.

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