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Summer fitness – easy does it

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on October 29, 2012

Summer is here and you are no doubt keen to get out and do some exercise. You may be getting back into running and other sports and are wary of foot pain, heel pain, and leg injury.

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Summer Shoe Shape Up

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on October 2, 2012

As summer approaches, you may be thinking about getting your workout plan back on track and shaping up for the beach. In this blog I cover some of the questions and health issues that I deal with at this time of year at our podiatry clinic.

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Common causes of heel pain

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on September 4, 2012

I have treated many patients for heel pain caused by heel spurs and plantar fasciitis at Alternative Foot Solutions. Both conditions can be extremely painful but the good news is that they can be treated very effectively with long-lasting results. Many people, though, are confused about the two heel pain conditions.

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The easy answer to bunions

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on June 7, 2012

Bunions are a very common problem that I see at my Sydney podiatry clinic, particularly—but not only—if you wear heels. One of the biggest myths about bunions is that the only treatment options or cures are bunion surgery, which is invasive, or orthotics which may only slow the problem and which can’t be worn with all footwear.

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