Why come to us for an ankle sprain?

Posted by Daniel Fitzpatrick on March 16, 2016

Patients often tell us that they stop their treatment, or don’t think of consulting us when they sprain their ankle; I often wonder why not? We specialize in the lower limb. Physiotherapists don’t specialize in that area, so why do people consult them?


Reasons to come to Alternative Foot Solutions (AFS) for an ankle sprain

  1. We specialize in lower limb issues, including ankle sprains.

  2. All we do is look at feet and ankles, and we have done for over 13 years. We see a lot of ankle sprains, and we have specialised programs to rehabilitate your ankle and get you back on track. Our programs are quick to complete and will help to avoid long-term issues in the ankle. There are studies that suggest that 70 per cent of ankle sprains lead to long-term problems.

  3. We not only strengthen the ankle, we gently put it back in place.

  4. As well as weakening the ankle, an ankle sprain, even a minor one, will usually push the ankle out of alignment. This causes a number of long-term issues involving the whole lower limb. When we take a patient’s history, it’s not unusual for us to trace a connection between a long-term foot problem, like plantar fasciitis or bunions, to the misalignment in the foot and ankle caused by an ankle sprain.

    At AFS, we specialise in gentle guiding the joints of your lower limb back into place.

  5. We offer a range of treatments

  6. We use a range of treatments to rehabilitate the ankle, such as acupuncture, interx therapy, ART soft tissue release and extensive strapping techniques.

So, as an existing patient, if you roll your ankle, just ask our receptionist for a longer appointment to check your ankle. Make the most of our services — there won’t be any extra charge. Alternatively, if you have recently sprained your ankle or know someone who has, make an appointment to get the ankle assessed. Call 8966 9300 now to make an appointment.

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