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Natural Alternative Treatment for Foot Pain

Alternative Foot Solutions offer treatment for foot-related pain in Manly East and surrounding areas using our Foot Mobilisation Therapy technique.

Foot Pain Treatment Manly East

What causes Foot Pain?

Foot pain can be caused by a number of different conditions, including inflammation, nerve damage, stress fractures, injuries or poor foot alignment. We determine the cause of your foot pain, then design a surgery free alternative treatment, using a gentle hands on approach to correct and strengthen the foot.

What are the main conditions associated with Foot Pain?

Foot pain can be due to a number of conditions. These may include:

Metatarsalgia — this is a general term referring to an inflammation around the metatarsal phalangeal joint, which gets a lot of pressure from walking, running or wearing heels. It is usually a result of poor foot alignment and the resulting compensation of tight soft tissues in the area. It is common to see a dropped metatarsal arch associated with this condition, which causes increased more pressure through the area. This also becomes a common area for stress fractures.

Morton’s neuroma or nerve entrapment — a Morton’s neuroma is the most common of the nerve entrapments and occurs between the third and fourth toe. It is caused by a poor gait developed from the misalignment of the foot.

Other nerve entrapments are common because this area receives a lot of pressure from the way the foot is placed on the ground when running or walking. If nerve entrapments are not treated promptly, the nerve can sometimes become permanently inflamed and must be cut out. Immediate treatment is indicated.

Metatarsal bursa — this is less common than the other conditions, but it can be extremely painful. A bursa is a fluid-filled sack that absorbs pressure. This area of the foot has many airbags that can puff up and become tender unless the underlying cause (usually foot misalignment) is corrected. The bursas usually return to normal unless treatment has been put off.

Ball Of Foot Pain Relief Manly East

Foot Pain Treatment:

Our podiatrists have a comprehensive knowledge of foot and ankle biomechanics and can effectively treat a wide range of foot and lower limb injuries including:

Alternative Foot Solutions is a professional podiatry clinic using alternate methods and techniques to heal your body without the use of orthotics. Your practitioner is a qualified podiatrist and uses proven podiatry treatments.

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Ball of foot pain treatment Manly East

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