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A general term referring to an inflammation around the ball of the foot just behind the base of the toes. It is usually a result of poor foot alignment and the resulting compensation of tight soft tissues in the area.

Alternative Foot Solutions is a professional podiatry clinic using alternate methods and techniques to heal your body without the use of orthotics. Your practitioner is a qualified podiatrist and uses proven podiatry treatments.

Our team offer a unique approach podiatry for patients in Sydney’s Northern Beaches –  Manly Vale, Balgowlah, Fairlight, Queenscliff, Brookvale, North Manly, Freshwater, Curl Curl, Allambie Heights, North Balgowlah, Manly and surrounding suburbs without the use of orthotics by using our Foot Mobilisation Therapy technique.

What is Ball of Foot Pain?

Pain in the ball of the foot is usually due to an inflammatory response the metatarsal heads or an entrapment of the nerves through this area. The conditions that cause this pain are commonly:

  • Morton neuroma: which is an entrapped nerve through the second and third metatarsal head.
  • Capsulitis: which is an inflammatory response of the joint capsule
  • Metatarsalgia: is soreness and pain around the metatarsal heads (the base of your toes). Is a general term that describes an inflammation of the bone, joint and can involve nerves
  • Stress fracture of the metatarsal heads: Stress fractures are not as common as people think; however, they can be a source of pain in the ball of the foot. A stress fracture is caused by minimal force over a period of time in the area and are commonly associated with people who do repetitive movements like runners.
  • Plantar plate tear: the plantar plate is a tough piece of tissue that covers the metatarsal region and keeps the ball of the foot together. A plantar plate tear is when there is a split in this tissue it can be extremely painful and can be challenging to fix. It is commonly associated with chronic issues in the forefoot.

ball of foot pain Sydney

Symptoms of Ball of Foot Pain

  • Shooting pain
  • Soreness upon pressure
  • Soreness in the morning
  • Increased symptoms upon weight bearing
  • Soreness in shoes that may be too tight

Causes of Ball of Foot Pain

  • Misalignment of the foot and ankle. The underlying cause of most foot problems including ball of foot pain or forefoot pain is if there is a misalignment of the foot and ankle that leads to compensation. This misalignment of the foot and ankle dictates the way you stand and walk and as a result is the underlying cause of foot pain in the ball of the foot.
  • Shoes that are too tight can also irritate this area and cause pain. If a shoes toe box does not have adequate room it may cause impingement to the forefoot area and as a result cause significant pain through the joints and nerves through the ball of the foot.

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