Bunion Surgery (Bunionectomy) Sydney & Northern Beaches

Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment in Manly Vale

Alternative Foot Solutions provide a non-surgical treatment option for people with bunions in Sydney’s Northern Beaches –  Manly Vale, Balgowlah, Fairlight, Queenscliff, Brookvale, North Manly, Freshwater, Curl Curl, Allambie Heights, North Balgowlah, Manly and surrounding suburbs.

Why a Bunion forms

A bunion forms primarily because of a misalignment in your feet that affects the way that you walk and move. Yes, bunions can be hereditary in many cases; however, this doesn’t change the fact that the misalignment is the character trait that is passed down, which turn causes the bunion.

Bunion Surgery Sydney

How to Get Rid of Bunions Naturally without Bunion Surgery

Most people think that bunion surgery is the only treatment when it comes to bunions; however, foot mobilisation is extremely successful in most cases. Foot mobilisation helps to address the underlying cause, correcting the way that someone stands and walks as well as straightening the big toe. Conservative management, such as foot mobilisation, is recommended as early as possible, even if the sufferer feels no pain. Studies tell us that our bodies only feel pain during the last seven to ten per cent of the progression of any condition. As a result, by the time a bunion starts hurting, significant irreversible damage has occurred. The sooner bunion treatment is started, the sooner the underlying cause can be addressed.

Below is an example of a before and after x ray taken of one of  the many successful bunion patients that have been treated through foot mobilisation. As can see there is a huge change with the bunion now being straight.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Treatment for Bunions

  • Gentle hands on technique
  • Addresses underlying cause
  • Very effective in improving the alignment of bunions without bunion surgery
  • Very little too no risk compared to bunion surgery
  • Can remain active during treatment
  • No footwear restrictions
  • Strengthens muscles in foot which help to correct the bunion long term
  • Long term change

How to Prevent Bunions

The future prevention of bunions is another key advantage of foot mobilisation therapies. Once the misalignment within the foot is addressed and the foot is strengthened, the biomechanics of your foot is changed long term as a result you are far less prone to getting a bunion or progression of a bunion. Your walking and running pattern do change long term which has a positive effect long term.

non surgical bunion treatment Manly Vale

Orthopaedic Bunion Surgery (Bunionectomy)

In some very advanced cases (particularly in you have a large bony lump), bunion surgery needs to be considered as a bunion treatment option. However, we generally find that bunion surgery is avoidable and we won’t recommend a surgical approach until we are 100% sure that the issue cannot be resolved with foot mobilisation and physical therapy.

New Patient Special Offer:

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How we can help you avoid bunion surgery for your bunion:

  • Help to diagnose the underlying cause in your bunion assessment
  • Treat the underlying cause of your bunion
  • Straighten your bunion
  • Keep you doing the things you love

So what’s the process?

  1. Book an assessment with our podiatrists
  2. Allow us to assess your bunion and diagnose the underlying cause
  3. Come up with a plan to treat your bunion
  4. Carry out the plan together and help you avoid bunion surgery

Contact us to book an appointment or call our Manly Vale clinic on (02) 8966 9300!

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