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Treatment & Relief for Morton’s Neuroma in Manly Vale

The most common of the nerve entrapments and occurs between the third and fourth toe. It is caused by a poor gait developed from the misalignment of the foot. If nerve entrapments are not treated promptly, the nerve can sometimes become permanently inflamed and must be cut out. Immediate treatment is indicated because surgical outcomes are poor.

Alternative Foot Solutions is a professional podiatry clinic using alternate methods and techniques to heal your body without the use of orthotics. Your practitioner is a qualified podiatrist and uses proven podiatry treatments.

Our team offers a unique approach podiatry for patients in Sydney’s Northern Beaches –  Manly Vale, Balgowlah, Fairlight, Queenscliff, Brookvale, North Manly, Freshwater, Curl Curl, Allambie Heights, North Balgowlah, Manly and surrounding suburbs without the use of orthotics by using our Foot Mobilisation Therapy technique.

Morton Neuroma Treatment Sydney

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

A Morton neuroma is an inflamed and entrapped nerve between the 3rd and 4 the metatarsal head (base of the 3rd and 4 the toes). You can get entrapped nerves in lots of different places however Morton neuroma is by far the most common in the foot. It can be extremely painful, and it is important that it is treated effectively asap. If left the nerve becomes highly inflamed and, in many cases, can be irreversible to the point that the only option is surgery.

Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma

  • sharp shooting pain
  • very painful to walk
  • pain upon squeezing of the metatarsal heads
  • pain can get so debilitating it can affect sleep

Cause of Morton’s Neuroma

The main underlying cause of Morton neuroma is a level of misalignment in your feet that leads to compensation. This causes someone to drop their metatarsal heads when they are standing and walking and exposes the nerve in this area.

Another major cause is tight shoes. If shoes are too narrow at the toe box, they will cause excess pressure and cause flaring of the nerve.

Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma

There are a number of treatments available for Morton’s Neuroma, we’ll go through each one’s characteristics here.

1. Foot mobilisation Therapy

  • Corrects the alignment of the foot so addresses the underlying cause of the neuroma.
  • Not reliant on orthotics
  • Can still wear the shoes you like.
  • Very gentle hands-on technique that is supported by exercises.
  • Main downside is that just takes a little longer to work (can be 6-12 weeks for the course of treatment) but usually highly effective and the changes are long term.
  • Usually highly effective

2. Orthotics

  • Quick and easy. Just take a cast of the foot and then device is made up.
  • Is accommodative so does not correct the foot but improves it while you are wearing the orthotic
  • Great in lace ups but difficult in any other shoes
  • Must stay in the orthotic long term.
  • Can be effective if you are happy to stay in lace up shoes with the orthotics.

These next two treatments are if the neuroma is irreversible, we would strongly encourage that if you are getting symptoms to seek treatment asap other wise you will have to consider surgery or cortisone injections.

3. Cortisone injection

  • Is used when conservative management does not work.
  • Can be effective for breaking the inflammatory cycle and pain.
  • Unfortunately, in most cases is short term because the problem is still there.

4. Surgical removal of a Morton neuroma

  • Is a last resort.
  • Usually only needed if conservative management has been put off.
  • Success rates can be poor particularly is the underlying cause is not addressed.

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