Address The Underlying Cause Of Your Heel Pain or Plantar fascitis without orthotics or changing your shoes!

Plantar Fasciitis/ Heel Spurs

Normally, heel pain or pain in the arch of your foot is due to a condition called plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. The condition is brought on by an inflammation in the fascia or tissue under the bottom of your foot. The inflammation causes micro-tears in the tissue, which bleed and become painful. This pain is often worse after sitting or when waking up in the morning. Any weight-bearing activities can provoke it; however, they are not the cause, and there is no reason that, with the correct treatment, plantar fasciitis should stop anyone from exercising and being active.

The main factor that causes plantar fasciitis or heel spurs is the way in which a person walks; in other words the alignment of his or her foot. Foot posture that is out of alignment causes the body to compensate. This compensation leads to extra stress on the soft tissues of the foot, causing small tears and bleeding. You must remember that a huge amount of force goes through the bottom of your foot when you stand and walk, and the plantar fascia takes most of that strain. It’s therefore not surprising that plantar fasciitis is very common.

Why treat this problem?

Plantar fasciitis or heel spurs can cause debilitating pain. The longer this pain is ignored, the harder it is to treat, and the area will take longer to heal. Plantar fasciitis does not heal itself and it’s important that the underlying cause is treated so that it doesn’t recur.

At Alternative Foot Solutions, we have successfully treated thousands of cases of plantar fasciitis by addressing the underlying cause, so that people can wear whatever shoes they like and remain active throughout treatment and for the rest of their lives.



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